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Re: [APD] CO2 and pH control

Gordon and Susan Watkins wrote:
> I just retested with the same results. However, I'm using the Aquarium 
> Pharmiceuticals test and I'm unclear whether you count the first drop 
> which changes the solution blue. After color change to blue, it takes 9 
> drops to turn yellow. If you count the first drop, the KH is 10. Does 
> that make more sense?

No. For plain water sitting out in the open with a pH of 9.3, and with 
no other pH buffers active, it should have a KH over 250 degrees. That 
would be some bizarre water indeed. I think you might have some other 
stuff going on in there.

Is that the pH of your water right when it comes out of the well, or 
after it has been sitting around for awhile? Try putting some in a jug 
with aeration for a few hours and see what the pH is.

Jerry Baker
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