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Re: [APD] CO2 and pH control

Gordon and Susan Watkins wrote:
> What I'm wondering is if I'm beating my head against the wall to use CO2 
> to lower my pH or do I need an RO/DI filter for my makeup water.

The pH doesn't matter directly. What counts is the TDS, or KH of your
water. When books and people say, "this fish prefers low pH," they 
really mean that the fish likes low TDS water (which usually has a low 
pH). You *really* need R/O if your water has such high KH that it's 
equilibrium is 9.2. If that's really what it is, your minimum pH from 
CO2 injection should be 8.3. Any lower than that and you're going to 
risk losing fish (that's 40 mg/L).

Jerry Baker
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