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Re: [APD] Plants not pearling, growing slowly

James Foley wrote:
> CTEM = Chelated Trace Element Mix. Pretty much identical to Flourish.
> Nitrate is added once a week (it never drops below 5ppm).
> Phosphates added once per week, I was planning on increasing to twice this
> week though.
> CO2 is via pressurized system.
> Epsom salts are added according to Chuck's calculator for proper magnesium
> levels (approx 7ppm).

If you know that the macro and micro nutrients are in ample supply, and 
that CO2 is in good supply, I don't know what that leaves but the 
lights. I find the way that fluorescent bulbs deteriorate is insidious 
because it is very slow. It is never perceived until one puts a new bulb 
next to an old one. You might have only half your original light output, 
or even worse.

Jerry Baker
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