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Re: [APD] Senator Craig

APD was set up and is  used for discussions and information exchange on 
the subject of planted aquariums.  A discussion of church attributes, 
cooking recipes, hunting clubs, etc. would obviously be a misuse of the 
mail list.  So, too, is a political discussion, especially in today's 
climate of strong political polarization.  It isn't tyranny, but merely 
keeping the mail list in use for its intended purpose.

Have you visited www.TPMCafe.com yet?  That is a very good place to 
discuss all kinds of political subjects, for those like me who are left 
leaning.  There are, I'm sure, equally good place for right leaning 

Vaughn H.

On Thursday, December 1, 2005, at 07:26 AM, Jerry Baker wrote:

>  It would be sad if the APD had to live under some
> sort of tyrannical checklist of pre-approved topics of discussion.
> -- 
> Jerry Baker

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