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Re: [APD] Senator Craig

Stuart Halliday wrote:
> It's not relevant on this list and IMHO the Moderator should be nipping this 
> sort of thing in the bud.

While this particular topic is not relevant to the group, dismissing 
politics in general as irrelevant is about as apathetic as you can get 
IMHO. What if someone passed a law prohibiting CO2 cannisters in private 
homes, or limiting access to certain fertilizers, etc.? Should we not 
discuss those issues due to their political nature? When political 
discussion devolve into bickering and name-calling, it's generally not 
productive, but to say that political discussions in general have no 
place in this group seems like defeating the purpose of the group in 
general (unless the group is supposed to be limited to the exchange of 
empirical data).

Some people complain about the inconvenience they experience when a 
political discussion takes place, but perhaps it should be noted that 
coercively muting other people's conversations for one's own personal 
convenience sure doesn't seem like the "right" thing to do. It seems to 
me that the proper thing to do is prohibit flame wars, obvious trolling, 
personal insults, etc. It would be sad if the APD had to live under some 
sort of tyrannical checklist of pre-approved topics of discussion.

Jerry Baker
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