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Re: [APD] Custom Sealife Ballast Replacement...help plz

S. Hieber wrote:
> If the bulb test out significantly dimmer than before, you
> can probably achieve very clsoe to the same brightness by
> using perhaps 55watt bulbs.
> Is Workhorse 6 the ballast that Fulham recommends for the
> bulbs you have? I would have thought maybe a 5 or 7.
> sh

You're right, I had another look after I got home tonight and it seems 
perfectly normal light.  But, I'm human...

Fulham recommended the 5 and 7, like you said.  You know your ballasts 
well!  But!  There is no option 2x65W from their ballast finder.  So I 
used some simple things to select the 6...the fact that its 140W output 
had me, then I looked up the wiring diagram and figured out that it 
wouldn't be dangerous to use that with 2x65W...in fact, theres no 65W on 
that list.  So I didn't know what to do, but this is working.  Would 
there be something wrong with using the 6 vs the 5 or 7?  I can still 
turn back with one of them.  I'll take the loss if its dangerous...
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