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Re: [APD] some pics of my tank

James H wrote:
> here are some details on my setup,
> 2X25W Compact Floursecent spiral tubes, 1X20W T8 Plant Bulb.
> i have diy co2 that i bubble into an overturned cup, i get around 10-20ppm.
> Daily i add PPMD +Trace im looking for a source of phosphate as i was
> deficient in it before but i switched feed and now that seems to be right
> back up there. i add 1ml of ppmd concentrate that is 300ml water and 2Tbl of
> powder.
> I would pick up a few more chems from gregwatson but the shipping to canada
> is way too much costs more then the ferts. im stil searching for a local
> solution to this.
> i get very good growth from all my plants except for the newest chain
> swords, they grew very good for 3 months then slowed down and almost
> stopped. i tried adding ferts in clay balls under them but that only seemed
> to help the lotus, amazon sword and spiral vals.

I didn't see any nitrate listed in there. Do you add a source of 
nitrate? You could also probably stand to up the CO2 some. There is not 
a consensus on the exact amount of nutrients you should have, but there 
is a range that works. If your nitrates are above 0, but below 10; your 
phosphates present, but below 1 mg/L; iron somewhere between 0.1 and 1 
mg/L; and CO2 somewhere up around 30 mg/L, everything should go fine. Be 
aware that you will have to tweak these amounts for the amount of light 
you have, the particular mix of plants you have, etc.

Hope that helps some.

Jerry Baker
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