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[APD] some pics of my tank

here are some details on my setup,
2X25W Compact Floursecent spiral tubes, 1X20W T8 Plant Bulb.
i have diy co2 that i bubble into an overturned cup, i get around 10-20ppm.
Daily i add PPMD +Trace im looking for a source of phosphate as i was
deficient in it before but i switched feed and now that seems to be right
back up there. i add 1ml of ppmd concentrate that is 300ml water and 2Tbl of
I would pick up a few more chems from gregwatson but the shipping to canada
is way too much costs more then the ferts. im stil searching for a local
solution to this.
i get very good growth from all my plants except for the newest chain
swords, they grew very good for 3 months then slowed down and almost
stopped. i tried adding ferts in clay balls under them but that only seemed
to help the lotus, amazon sword and spiral vals.
i hope this helps
   >here are a couple pics of my newest tank, i asked a couple questions in
>post if anyone could please help me i would be greatful.
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