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[APD] Have you actually tired the method ?

A recap, adding mist via an internal venturi reactor or a
sintered disc and adding current the blow the mist through the
plant beds will improve growth and achieve better pearling.

I've suggested folks try this. I suggested folks bump their CO2
from 10-15ppm to 20-25ppm, then up to 30ppm in the past. I've
alos pinpointed more algae issues that you can shake a stick at
mainly being CO2 related. Now if I can consistently improve
growth and pearling, both visual signs of good healthy planted
tanks...why not try it?

Doesn't cost much.
Tell what you see before and after.

At the end of the day, you can see and decide and answer that
question fairly easily.

This will help many of you and improve the growth. Many think
they already have good growth, that maybe true, but you can very
likely improve it even more and provide even a better more
robust environment for plants.

It definitely can help many of you.

Tom Barr 


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