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Re: [APD] Clown loaches, mixing big with small

Guessing old age, had them since the start of my tank so maybe 5-6 years.  No warning or disease visable.
Yeah, I'v read they are actually a food fish in their native habitat.  Only about three inches max in my 90gal.

Thanks for the confirmation, I thought they would be ok but always better to make sure.  I've seen them locked in 'combat' when they do their pecking order thing and that's quite the ruckus, but I didn't think it would occur when the sizes are that different.


>Old age? They can live many years and reach over a foot in
>length with as much girth as a forearm.
>I've never seen clowns bully in a harmful way, just to
>establish pecking order -- not to prevent feeding or tear
>fins, etc. They'll probalby spend some time traveling
>together and some time alone.

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