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Re: [APD] CO2 Experiment #2

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Since I don't like to rely on the results of one run of one experiment 
> to arrive at such far reaching conclusions, I would like to run a second 
> experiment to confirm the results of the first. I have laid out my idea 
> with an illustration on my Web site (link below). I do have two 
> questions I would appreciate any help with:
> 1) Does anyone foresee a problem with the design of this experiment that 
> would affect its accuracy or relevancy?

Surely the inverted tube will never fill up with water?
As the CO2 dissolves the vacuum caused will pull O2 or other gases back out 
into the tube?

Won't the strong current also cause CO2 to be dissipated at the top water 
level of the tank?

 > 2) Does anyone have an idea on a relatively easy way to hold a small,
 > buoyant test tube inverted in the water?

Suction caps as used for holding a air line between the edges of the tank 
with strong thread between them?

			C C
			| |
			| |
			| |
			| |
			C C

C= suction cups.
O = tube.

Do this twice at different heights will keep the tube in place.

You can adjust the distance the tube is from the sides pretty easily.

Stuart Halliday
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