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Re: [APD] Timer

I've got about a dozen of the previous and present digital
plug-in models and never had a problem with any of them in
the last ten years.

Do you mean epinons.com is negative or some posters on that
site are negative? I only found one review on epinions.com
for the DT17C and the person seemed a bit confused about
operation, programming, and how to count the programs
(on/off cycle). There was also a review for one of
Intermatic's analogue/mechanical timers. There are a bunch
of reviews for the model SS7C, which is an in-wall
replacement for a wall switch. Based on those reviews, the
SS7C sounds like a bad model. I've never used that
particular device.

--- Dave Gomberg <dave1 at wcf_com> wrote:

> Eopinions.com is pretty negative about Intermatic digital
> timers, 
> calling them unreliable.  Is this something that is now
> fixed?   What 
> is the warranty period on new models?   Given the job
> they are called 
> upon to perform, I would expect at least a five year
> warranty if the 
> design is good.

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