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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 recipe for 20 gal tank?

Kelleen Harris wrote:

> Anyway, he guessed at a smaller recipe and it apparently wasn't small
> enough, because a couple of his fish died so he discontinued the CO2.

I've heard it said, it's near impossible to dissolve so much CO2 in a tank 
that the fish die from it.

The method of how you get CO2 dissolved into the water. That is the 
important piece of information we need.

I have a 200L tank (50US gallons) and that uses twice the amount of DIY 
yeast you stated and it's still not got enough CO2 IMHO!

> He
> said the fish got white lips. 

What species?
Tens of thousands of fish out there...
Some probably come with 'white lips'. ;-)

> Are white lips then the first sign you are
> overdosing 

No, first sign is the fish at the surface gasping for air.

> (other than of course the pH and dkH using the CO2 chart,
> which I'm not sure I completely trust)? Is there some formula so that one
> could approximate the correct recipe for any size tank, without just
> chancing it?

I've never heard of 'white lip' in any fish disease book.
Google's not heard of it either.
Well apart from some catfish with an iron deficiency.

Sounds like you're friend has a fungus infection on his fish.

Did he cycle the tank?
Perhaps it was Ammonia, NO2 that got them?

Stuart Halliday
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