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Re: [APD] DIY CO2 recipe for 20 gal tank?

I can only tell you what I used for a 120 gallon tank:  I used a three 
liter Coke or other soft drink bottle, with 3/8 tsp yeast, 3 cups 
sugar, and water.  I was too green to do the ph and dkH measurements, 
but my plants grew very well.  The problem was that the amount of CO2 
produced was never constant.  It was high a day after I set it up each 
time, then dropped off, and after a couple weeks was obviously less.  
When I got lazy and stretched the time between re charging with yeast 
and sugar to over three weeks I started having big problems with slow 
to no growth and algae.  So, I am opting for pressurized CO2 for my 
next tank.

Vaughn H.

On Friday, November 4, 2005, at 10:56 AM, Kelleen Harris wrote:

> Hey, I almost fell for that last joke about the fish tank on the 
> radiator too! But the following question is quite real, so please help 
> if you can.
> Anybody have a good recipe for diy CO2 for a 20 gallon tank?
> I currently have a 50 gallon and I use 1.5 cups white sugar, 1/2 tsp 
> yeast, and 1/2 tsp baking soda. It has worked great, so I gave this 
> recipe to my friend who has a 20 gallon. I warned him that it would be 
> way too much CO2 for his tank and that he
> would need to cut it back, but we didn't know by how much to alter the 
> ingredients. He got his lights ready, up to about 3wpg, so CO2 was the 
> next step.
> Anyway, he guessed at a smaller recipe and it apparently wasn't small 
> enough, because a couple of his fish died so he discontinued the CO2. 
> He said the fish got white lips. Are white lips then the first sign 
> you are overdosing (other than of course
> the pH and dkH using the CO2 chart, which I'm not sure I completely 
> trust)? Is there some formula so that one could approximate the 
> correct recipe for any size tank, without just chancing it?
> Thanks for any advice,
> Kelleen Harris
> kelleen_harris at csumb_edu
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