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[APD] Help With Plants

Hi.  I have a bunch of plants that aren't doing well.  They are:

Princess Pine
Red Sandy
Brazil Swords

I don't understand.  I was told that sword plants were easy.  Someone told 
me that I should increase the CO2 in the water, but I can't afford a CO2 
thingy, so I tried a DIY set up using yeast.  But that turned the water 
cloudy.  What did I do wrong?

Someone else told me to increase the flow in the tank.  I added a whole 
bunch of airstones to do this.  They told me that all that bubbling might be 
bad for the plants though, and that I wanted to pump water not air.  So I 
submerged the aerators.   I don't think the fish liked the extra current, 
though.  They all died.

When I bought it, my brazil sword had a flower on it.  Now its turning 
yellow.  Is it a light problem?  I have the tank in the window -- it was 
hard to put it there, because it wouldn't sit well on the radiator.  I'm 
worried that it might tip over.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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