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Re: [APD] Low-medium-high tech


Per your post below- would you mind giving a brief synopsis / definition 
/ comparison of:

10 golden rules
Low Tech {vs not understanding }
The Walstead Approach


Robert H wrote:

>>Do you add CO2?
>>>Doesn't everyone?  What's the point?  If everyone does it, it surely can't
>be high tech.  When we were among the first to do it, it was high tech. Now
>it's run-of-the-mill. Sort of about the same as putting water in the tank,
>I bet you remember when antique aquariums were not considered antiques too! 
>Believe it or not,  Walstad does have a following, even if its not 
>concentrated here. When someone asks if anyone is interested in "low tech" 
>tanks, 90% of the time TODAY they are talking about a Walstad type approach. 
>It all depends though on the contex of the conversation. If you want to 
>discuss how trends in this hobby have changed in the last ten years, from 
>the disappearance of the "10 golden rules" to PMDD becoming obsolete to EI, 
>or the advances in lighting options, or marketing and pricing trends, then 
>the definitions of high and low tech become very blurred.
>Robert Hudson
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