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Re: [APD] CO2 mist

Well, if you do not try it yourself, you will never know. Heck,
it does not cost much to try either. Just try it and see, then
you'll be able to see the issue and measure and observe and
think about that.

Do not believe me? Fine then try it and measure the CO2/O2
levels yourself. I suggest you do. 

Use them eyeballs. Consider other factors. 
They are not difficult to rule out.  

Same deal with adding PO4, people said it violated Liebig's law
of minmums and that limitation was the key to good plant growth
and to retard algae. Sounds crazy now(limiting a plant to make
it grow better?), but everyone on the APD and every forum
believed it.....till Steve and I saw I had lots of PO4, no algae
and dramatic plant growth. We added PO4, and folks got rapid
uptake a rapid growth improvement. Now everyone does it. So
misapplied laws and theories can cause myths in this hobby while
good observational and testing skills help to re evaluate them

.......I have had quite a few people try this method out and
with no other changes or slight ones, they have significantly
increased their plant growth rates, reduction in algae and
shorter time frames till pearling is observed(1 hour vs 3-4

Don't take my word for it, prove it to yourself.  

The Great CO2 hobgoblin rises. 

Tom Barr


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