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Re: [APD] CO2 mist

>>I heartily mean no offense to anyone personnally. this is just a fav pet
peeve of mine on any level.
Ah and the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth and the
atom was the smallest.
Science, hah
alot of Science <AHEM not all... i dont think...>  is nothing more than
a synonym for theory. and theroy is a guess just waiting to be disproved
by some other theory and on and on.<<

You are talking about Toms magical C02 mister? You did an experiment of your 
own that disproved Tom which you talked about on Planted tank.net..right?

>>I've had immense success using this method.

Oops, I guess not.

>>the fact is if it works, then i'm happy <<

I agree with that, but probably not in the contex you meant it.

>>these comments are not directed at mr. baker in paticular as i rather
agree with him often. if thy shoe fit, thou must wear it.<<

I think intellectual posturing (showboating? )  is becoming infectious at an 
epidemic level.  Its all Toms fault! If it ain't broke it don't need fixing.

Robert Hudson

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