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Re: [APD] goldfish...etc.

Marko Bucyk wrote:
> > Language was not defined as the criteria for being human, but rather the
> > capacity to use it was offered as something that we have that other 
> > animals do not have. A particular person that cannot communicate because
> > of some defect or illness is still a homo sapien and as such has the 
> > capacity to use language. She did not perhaps acquire the ability, but 
> > she still has the capacity in virtue of being a homo sapien, because 
> > being a homo sapien entails the capacity for language.

>So, if an infant has the capacity to use language, why do they choose 
>not to?
>Jerry Baker

I'm not sure that you are addressing what is meant by "the capacity to use
language." In so far as the infant is of the species Homo sapiens, it has
the capacity. In so far as it is an infant, it either is not yet able to do
so (although it has the capacity in virtue of the fact that it is of the
species Homo sapiens), or may have chosen not to do so, but with the latter,
it is the specific case of when a child (i.e., someone older than an infant)
chooses not to for any of a variety of reasons, obtaining additional
attention from a parent eager to assist her being one example; that is
probably not what you had in mind.
  Marko Bucyk

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