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[APD] 5-year tank rehab

I have a 5 year old tank that's needs a spruce up.

It's a 220w CF with Co2 and substrate heating.  I did some water
changing  but not real cleaning and for about 4 years all was well. 
Finally I shut off the co2 to slow the plant growth.  I'd gone back to
grad school so for about a year I didn't pay too much attention to the
tank.  It was OK for some time then it I started to get algae on the
plants etc. when I tried to vacuum up the substrate endless amounts of
dirt came up.  I am wondering if with resumed co2 injection and new
bulbs I can get things right again or if I should just start over.

The plants are OK but have seen better days.  The roots are nce and
white but a lot of the leaves are soft and its mosly the ferns that
look OK.

I'd like opinions on this.



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