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[APD] congo tetras

>From what I understand they only can be successfully
bred in the young adult stage w/ the usual triggers:
simulation of rainy season through water
hardness/temperature reduction, live foods, and lots
of short plants. A friend who successfully bred his
claims it is helpful to have a very long tank (he bred
his in a 40 long) w/ tons of moss/hairgrass for them
to scatter in and more than a dozen breeders to spawn-
just take out the parents once spawning is
accomplished or the eggs will get eaten... BTW, he
only got his to spawn a couple of times and it was
purely by accident the first time- he had done a 75%
water change due to neglect and had not checked the
hardness or temperature until AFTER he noticed the
breeding activity, both had significantly dropped from
the usual levels and repeating the process a few weeks
later caused the same results. Only a few fry survived
from each spawning because he did not bother to remove
the adults- just caught the fry when it was
convienient and placed them in another plant tank to
grow out (I did get to see the fry when they were
about a 1/4" long so I believe his story about what
happened... but I did not actually seethe spawning
event) and managed to raise 7 of them to adulthood.
Hope this helps, good luck!

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