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Re: [APD] Jebo CF fixture

And just to actualy make this post SOMEWHAT fit the list (whodathunkit), was

wondering if anyone has tried those Jebo compact flouresents (sp?) Been

seeing some pretty tempting prices on those units and was wondering if they

are any good. From what I've been told, the Aetnic light that it comes with

won't do a thing to help improve plants, but that's easily replaced.

I purchased a Jebo Odyssea 36" 96 watt, and a 48" 130 watt Compact Fluorescent fixtures from

http://www.aquatraders.com/ and was pleasantly surprised at what I received. In my units the ballast 

is remote to the hood enclosure and is connected via a DIN connector so it can threaded through a small

hole if your stand has an enclosed back, as one of mine does. The "Acrylic Difffusor" is somewhat of a joke 

though, it's just a thin piece of mylar (actually I have no clue what plastic they are made of but you, hopefully

 get the point)  Endcaps are litterally non-existant, being only an open plastic strip with wires. I also have a 55 watt

retro-fit CF kit from AH Supply and the reflector on the Odyssea appears to be identical to it. BTW the fixture uses

straight pin lamps, something I was unable to determine before recieving them. hth


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