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Re: [APD] CO2 design

At 07:48 10/20/2005, Scott H wrote:
>Much smarter to use the parts as designed, in good working
>condition, and with the proper parts.

Excellent point, Scott.

Note the word "design" above.  If you cobble  together something from 
here and something from there, that is not a design.  It may fail in 
the most disastrous and unpredictable ways.   If that is what you 
want in your house, go for it.  But not with my blessing.  Better to 
get a system that was DESIGNED.  I used to sell one, but folks who 
wanted to save $23 drove me out of the business.   Sadly, what they 
can now buy is not nearly as well designed as what I sold.  I know of 
three failures out of 500 systems in six years.

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