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Re: [APD] CO2 regulator to CO2 tank connection washer

Actually, to pick a fine point, it's not wads of tape that
are the problem but little teeny bits that get in the
threads and pushed forward during assembly/reassembly. Some
of the passageways are very small and some of the valve
seats can tolerate very little imperfection so those teeny
bits can mess up a regulator or needle valve or solendoid.

The big wads are easily seen and pulled away. The little
bits, if they get inside and foul the passageway tend to
require dissassembly of the part, say, the solenoid, to
clean things up. I've had that happen from a metal thread
shaving much thinner than a human hair getting onto the
valve seat in a solenoid. The solenoid wouldn't shut off
entirely and when I took it apart to find out why, the
shiny little shaving was there laughing at me.


--- william ruyle <inquartata at comcast_net> wrote:

> I don't know if folks can tell what you mean, Scott, by
> your mincing tone,
> but I remember Wright Huntley cautioning against using
> teflon tape for CO2
> connections, for the very same reasons you cited, mainly
> a thrombosis of
> wadded tape in the regulator, solenoid, needle valve--bad
> juju:-)
> Next time don't fight the passion....just let it out:-)
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