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Re: [APD] Java Fern

Ah. Anubias must be clsoe to the end point for being alive

It has seemed to me that Java fern takes a while to get
going sometimes -- grows very slowly, then when it does get
going, it grows faster but still, on a scale of slow to
fast, I'd put Java fern down at the slow end, not as far
down as Anubias but well below many other plants.


--- George Booth <gbooth at frii_com> wrote:

> But not as slow as, say, Anubias.  We only have to trim
> Java Fern maybe
> every 6 weeks, Anubias maybe every 8 weeks.  Everything
> else, maybe two four
> weeks. Except Ammnaia senegalensis, maybe every 10 days. 

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