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Re: [APD] OT - To George

lol..  just a coincidence  ;]    i'm a dog person.
-derek parr

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Terry Barber wrote:
>>I really enjoyed your website.  That GTO made me drool.  I have a '69
>>Chevelle 396 SS that is in very good shape but needs a little work.  I like
>>cats too - currently the count is 6 - we live in the country and they seem
>>to find us.
> Hmmm. Never thought about it until I read this. It never dawned on me to 
> ask in the group how many people liked loud, fast cars and cats. Perhaps 
> there is deeper personality characteristic that causes shared likes and 
> dislikes. Oh well. Never could figure out why Chevy put the distributor 
> on the back of the block.
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