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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 20

On 10/10/05, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:
> Tee hee. Funny how some people find just the opposite. I still can't
> figure out how to manually check for new messages without sending unsent
> messages in Outlook.

 Set up a SMTP account that is separate from your POP3 account. Do that
under Email Accounts. You set up the POP3 account with automatic
send/received checked and the SMTP account with automatic send/receive
unchecked under the Send/Receive options.Both the Email Account and
Send/Receive options are found on the menu associated with the Mail Setup
tab. That would be Tools>Options>Mail Setup.
 If you need to keep mail synced on multiple computers you can handle that
by leaving the message on the server for some number of days -- whatever
number of days works for the way you work and your server storage size. I
keep mine for 14 days.
 Outlook is a really nice program once you get the hang of it. Very
flexible. Set up is less than intuitive for most people.YMMV.
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