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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 26, Issue 20

Liz to the rescue with facts, instructions, actual stuff. I
love it. Closer to science than we've been on this list for
while now ;-)

If you like the outlook interface (tree directory, drag and
drop, etc.) but want a remote mail server that is someone
else's headache, there was an outfit that fit precisely
that bill:


They did so well in the few short years since they wrote
the server program in some coffee joint in the SG Bay area,
that Yahoo bought them up -- or, phrased in corporate
pretense, "acquired." 

So I am not sure what will be happening next, but there's a
blog on the site that reveals more. And anyway, even if you
don't like it, it's fun to read about, at least as much as
tops, bottoms, posts, and Tbirds.

Hopefully, Yahoo will pick up the Oddpost interface on it's
premium service. If so, I'm in, at least until something
funnier comes along.

sh, who always thought Thunderbird was a cheap wine that
Caesar Romero used to hawk on TV?

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