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Re: [APD] Please Edit or Snip posts

On 10/10/05, urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:
> but for the sake of it since everyone here is generally great people
> i'll try to remember to bottom post,

 I am on an email list that has a rule that you must top-post. I'd suggest
you post where you d*mned please.
 I've been on the internet since before it was called the Internet and used
to send email to people when you had to know how to actually route email to
get it delivered. I generally enjoy netiquette debates and arguments because
everyone has their own idea of what the "rules" really are. I love "old
school" complaints abut new technology.
 BTW, Google mail does a pretty good job of hiding all the non-useful quoted
text even if the person writing doesn't know or care about the old rules for
how signatures are to be attached. I haven't read an accidentally attched
digest since I switched. I think the philosophy is "since everyone is going
to do their own thing let's use technology to adapt."
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