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Re: [APD] Please Edit or Snip posts

Bill D wrote:
> I don't recall any solution to the problem in the achives except requests to
> the main perpetretor that he use more care.  Fortunately only one or two are
> afflicted with the problem.
> Bill

It works if people followed an old and basic netiquette rule and placed 
in their signature the required correct signature separator format.

I see you don't do this for example. ;-)

A correct signature separator is two minus letters followed by a space 
and a new line.

Then any half decent email program will snip off the signature and all 
the crap below it.

See my own signature for an example.

If you click on the Reply icon in your email program it will cut off the 
  mailing list stuff as well.

Give it a try with this email. :-))

It wouldn't help with idiots who top post. But that's another tale...

Stuart Halliday
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