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[APD] Fun with numbers

I think I've come to terms with our unusual new water. I discovered that 
the exterior faucets are not on the water softener, so that makes bypassing 
it much easier. Testing the unsoftened water it has a KH of 16 degrees, GH 
of 24 degrees, and a TDS of 420ppm. The GH at 24 degrees times 17.9 is 
430ppm, so that's within the margin of error and/or says that all that's in 
the water is Ca and Mg. According to Kent, there is no Ca or Mg in RO 
Right, so Roger was right about it being somewhat useless. So, I can see 
where just a little of this tapwater could have a lot of effect when 
reconstituting RO water. I'm using a simple weighted ratio formula to 
predict results.


EP = End parameter (GH, KH, PPM)
AWP = Added water parameter
AWV = Added water volume
RWP = Remaining water parameter
RWV = Remaining water volume (What's left in the tank after draining the 
volume to be added)
TV = Total Volume

Is this the right way, or is there some sort of curve happening, because 
I'm not getting the predicted results. Sorta close, but not the same.

According to some online research, the internal body chemistry of most 
freshwater fish is basically the same when it comes to osmoregulation. This 
would suggest that the opposite GH and/or TDS recommendations for discus 
and goldfish must be based on something other than osmoregulation. Breeding 
needs? In any case, I'm having no trouble keeping goldfish in a high-tech 
tank with much softer water than conventional wisdom dictates. Unless they 
suddenly spontaneous combust, or something...


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