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Re: [APD] Fun with numbers

On 10/1/05, Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:
> According to some online research, the internal body chemistry of most
> freshwater fish is basically the same when it comes to osmoregulation.
> This
> would suggest that the opposite GH and/or TDS recommendations for discus
> and goldfish must be based on something other than osmoregulation.
> Breeding
> needs? In any case, I'm having no trouble keeping goldfish in a high-tech
> tank with much softer water than conventional wisdom dictates. Unless they
> suddenly spontaneous combust, or something...

 The guy who owns the LFS has been breeding all sorts of fish for 40 some
years including discus. He does it in plain old tapwater, pH 7.2 with KH and
GH readings in the 5 - 9 degree range depending on the time of year. I've
got F0 and F1 lamprologus brevis thta are breeding in a tank with a pH
running around 7.3 with KH about 7 and GH about 4 -- pretty danged different
than Lake Tanganyika.
 I think a lot of what we "know" about fish is simply not true. We shouldn't
assume that simply because fish are found in water with a particular set of
parameters means they do best in water with those parameters. That's
considered heresy to most people though.
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