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Re: [APD] Clear Life Opinions

so i could sue liz for emotional hardship to pay for Clear to life sueing me for actionable claims? JUST KIDDING "in my opinion"

sigh... omfg.

I take full responsibility for claiming that in my personal opinion that Clear to Life's claims of guarantee in legal form is a contradiction of their claim of guarantee, as the customer is led to believe, in advertising. This is my own opinion of sound mind and was not influenced by anyone, their actions, or situations. Furthermore, my opinions do not reflect the opinions nor represent the opinions of jerry baker, the lists participants, the list itself, the owner of the list, any computers the list appears on, the internet as a whole, google or any search engine where results from this list appear, or anyones eyes which have been used for viewing my opinion. the opinion is mine and mine alone, i'm ready for the burning stake now, forever and ever under god. amen.

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Liz Wilhite wrote:
> In your opinion it might be.  Before making legally actionable claims
> on this (or any other public) list you should check out the civil suit
> history of APD.

All statements and actions are "legally actionable."  It is very easy and
inexpensive to sue anybody for anything.  Most lawsuits fail.  Some bounce
back at their originator.

I hope that people will not hesitate to state their honest opinions on
anything, particularly products or services that did not perform.   These
statements are protected by the law.  Libels and slanders are not.

I'm sure that the Clear Life people know of this thread.  It would be
helpful if they would post their side of the controversy - there are always


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