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Re: [APD] Clear Life Opinions

lol. Actually, the pouting makes the point more
impressively. I had been merely scanning this thread, but
this post was worth a full read. 


--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> so i could sue liz for emotional hardship to pay for
> Clear to life sueing me for actionable claims? JUST
> KIDDING "in my opinion"
> sigh... omfg.
> ok... 
> I take full responsibility for claiming that in my
> personal opinion that Clear to Life's claims of guarantee
> in legal form is a contradiction of their claim of
> guarantee, as the customer is led to believe, in
> advertising. This is my own opinion of sound mind and was
> not influenced by anyone, their actions, or situations.
> Furthermore, my opinions do not reflect the opinions nor
> represent the opinions of jerry baker, the lists
> participants, the list itself, the owner of the list, any
> computers the list appears on, the internet as a whole,
> google or any search engine where results from this list
> appear, or anyones eyes which have been used for viewing
> my opinion. the opinion is mine and mine alone, i'm ready
> for the burning stake now, forever and ever under god.
> amen.

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