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Re: [APD] HQI's

Thomas Barr wrote:
> David, I would highly suggest using HQI MH's, I have been very pleased vs the Mongul/other types. They are pretty efficient in terms of PAR/watt ratings (see Daniel's web site), AM bulbs do very well(the best on the list).
> The thing I really like about them are they are small and aesthetically pleasing to boot.
> For using MH's, I would not/do not use anything other than these.
> Add T5's and I think you have a winning combo and the price for the T5's have come down a fair amount.

Does anyone know where you can get DE metal halide fixtures for under 
$105 each? With mogul-based setups you can get a reflector, socket, etc. 
for about $39. Seems crazy to pay three times the price for the same 
thing with double-ended. I know DE has to have a shield, but do those 
really cost $65?

Jerry Baker
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