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Re: [APD] Kent RO Right

I had a problem with RO Right.  I emailed the company and got a good
response in a reasonable time.  Here is some of it:

Dear Sir:

I recently used RO Right to supply macronutrients to a new planted aquarium.
The original water was very soft and acid, with virtually no GH nor KH.

 . . .

My questions are:

ME:  Does R/O Right supply all of the calcium and magnesium that growing
plants require?

KENT  :No.  There is very little calcium and magnesium in ROR.  If you are
trying to increase GH, we offer a product called Botanica GH+.

. . .

ME:  Apparently there is no practical way to measure the GH in a tank that
contains R/O Right.  A dissolved solids meter would answer that question,
but it still wouldn't tell how much Ca and Mg was present, I assume.  Right?

KENT:   Correct.  TDS meters measure all conductive ions in water.  A GH
reagent test kit will read calcium and magnesium.


ME:  Thanks for your help.

KENT:   I hope this helps and if you need more information, please let me
know.   Thanks,
            Tech Dept.

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