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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

OK, maybe I'm just a bit dense here, but after following this thread since
its beginning and looking at www.clearforlife.com, they say the following:
"Advance Aqua Tanks offers a Lifetime Warranty on all our ClearforLifeT
aquariums. What does that mean? Simply this: We stand behind our product 100

Apparently "stand behind" means something entirely different to them than a
rational person's interpretation, given their refusal to do anything about
the situation.

Not to overstate the obvious, but doesn't this fall under the category of
(patently) false advertising? Or does "stand behind" mean just that: in the
event of a problem, they'll come and stand behind your tank? ;-)~

However, I do appreciate your frustration in dealing with what appears to be
a bunch of yahoos and hope you're able to conclude this with a minimum of
further time and discomfort!



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S. Hieber wrote:
> These polishes use fine abrasives to turn big scratches into little 
> ones that the eye cannot pick up. The finer you go, the harder to see.
> You can work your way to jeweler's rouge but the finer car polishes 
> are usually adequate. Try Maguire's 82 and use a buff pad on an 
> orbital sander. If you use a buff pad on drill, you need to use a slow 
> speed setting to avoid friction-heat build up drying the polish medium 
> before the polish has had enough chance to to work the surface. If the 
> scratches are deep or wide, you can start out with a coarser polish 
> and work you way towards the finer stuff.

I was using my orbital buffer that I use on the car. It's low speed enough
to keep the danger of heat build-up pretty low. I haven't tried getting a
finer polish. I need to get one that will allow inspection of a finish under
full noon sun without visible swirls. If a polish can do that, it should be
able to take care of my problem.

Jerry Baker
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