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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

Bill D wrote:
> That seems pretty clear.  What was their response when you quoted it?

Their position is that there is nothing wrong with the tank at all, and 
that I am just being "picky." Alan Lim told me, "of course if you look 
for it your going to see it (the scratches), but once you put water and 
fish in there you will be so busy looking at them you won't notice."

> They know that you are not going to sue them; the money involved is not
> enough to justify it.   A lawyer's letter will probably not impress them,
> and cost you another $100 or so.  Another approach would be to try to reason
> with them.

It won't cost me anything to have a letter sent. I will entertain the 
idea of small claims if they leave no other choice. Does anyone else 
have any better ideas if they absolutely refuse to budge? I don't want 
to go the legal way. Mainly because it takes so long, but because I'm 
not into suing people when negotiations might work. I have only used 
small claims once 12 years ago when an employer paid me with a check 
that bounced, and that wasn't a good experience.

Jerry Baker
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