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Re: [APD] Clear for Life Aquarium Problem

At their web site the manufacturers of ClearforLife say:

"Advance Aqua Tanks offers a Lifetime Warranty on all our ClearforLifeT
aquariums. What does that mean? Simply this: We stand behind our product 100
percent. Our continuing goal is to manufacture the finest acrylic aquariums
and systems available. We support that quality with value and service."

That seems pretty clear.  What was their response when you quoted it?

They know that you are not going to sue them; the money involved is not
enough to justify it.   A lawyer's letter will probably not impress them,
and cost you another $100 or so.  Another approach would be to try to reason
with them.

If you've already answered this I apologize, but have you tried putting
water into it and observing whether the "defect" is still visible?


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