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Re: [APD] What Did Clear for Life Say About the Scratches?

I understand that it is a disappointment to pay that much and not be happy...  I think that several of their tanks go in public places like rainforest cafe,  which serve kids, who have to touch.  I would not be surprised if they are buffed daily!  Their claim is that the plastic will not yellow with time.

My theory is that they are using cast/molded acrylic which is different or some other fabrication step on these very large tanks (I could be wrong).

I saw CASCO stand behind there SeaClear "lifetime warranty against leakage" when the big one at the LFS broke...

So best of luck,


On Wed, 28 Sep 2005, urville wrote:

> yeah and their name is misleading and a form of false advertising!!!
> ;)

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