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Re: [APD] What Did Clear for Life Say About the Scratches?

I would check out the claim that their (Clear for Life) tanks go to
Rainforest Cafe....Clarity Plus says that on their website.  The Clarity
Plus tanks are very good quality.

See this page and look at list of clients.


I own one and am very happy with it.  240 show size.  Man they should start
paying me fee for pitching for them.   I just hate to see a good company get
confused with a bad one.


> I understand that it is a disappointment to pay that much and not be
happy...  I think that several of their tanks go in public places like
rainforest cafe,  which serve kids, who have to touch.  I would not be
surprised if they are buffed daily!  Their claim is that the plastic will
not yellow with time.
> My theory is that they are using cast/molded acrylic which is different or
some other fabrication step on these very large tanks (I could be wrong).
> I saw CASCO stand behind there SeaClear "lifetime warranty against
leakage" when the big one at the LFS broke...
> So best of luck,
> -Paul

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