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Re: [APD] Fw: Story in Tampa Newspaper]

> > <snip, chain letter>

Vaugh replied:
> Please, lets not use APD for chain "letters".  Bad
> form, you know.

But... this list has ?1800 members, and lots of these
chain letters *demand* you forward it to ten people.
So forwarding to this one list should fully complete
the requirement (albeit, with a bit of overkill).  ;-)

The incentive, of course, is to hurry up and forward
before somebody else does, since the geometric 
progression of chain mail forwarding can fully 
encompass all of planet earth within a few days
(which is surprisingly faster than the propagation
of Hygrophila polysperma).  Just think about the
karma for all those poor people at the and of the
chain, with no one left to forward to (because
everybody already got it.)  ;-)

And, what about those of us with very few friends?
We might not even have ten other people to which we
might forward the chain letter, since previous chain
letter forwarding caused us to lose previous friends?

No wonder we spend all our time with planted
aquaria.  It seems that lonely people would
disproportionately have planted aquaria, and need
to disproportionately rely on forwarding to this
list to preserve the little "good luck" we have
left.  ;-)))

In support of this sadness, I refer you to the 
melancholy song of Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy
being green."


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