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Re: [APD] Peroxidase/peroxide

too many shrimps and snails in my tanks for any copper

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Jerry, a number of green algae have peroxidase/peroxisomes and others have peroxidase/peroxisome like mechanisms. A russian researcher did quite a bit of work on this is terms of algae evolution. You'l;l need to learn Russian or have a Russian speaker translate it for you.
You cano add pure O2 to an algae culture and see the response(I've done this a number of times to my tanks), then add a messier culture of lake water etc, or some weeds with periphyton covering them to see how it responses to high O2 levels, then try high amibent O2, CO2, then try high O2 and CO2, then try just high CO2.
I've already done this.
Search the archives.
The conclusions:
You get the same total chl a(algae biomass) in all cases, but the species change.
This was done without the presence of a substrate, biomedia or plants.
Plants also suffer from Photorespiration(from high DO levels).
The high production rate of the plants reduces the NH4 levels down very low rather than the high DO levels causing algae supression. NH4 is a known trigger for algae blooms. Again, see archives.
The reason why algae are more suspectible to H202 is one of _size_ really, some plants are also sensitive to H2O2. 
Folks like to talk about things that kill algae but few discuss copper much anymore even though it often used to kill algae and has selective effects on some species, Crypts are very tolerant of it. Far more than the algae.
This is the issue with H202 and other things that kill aquatic plants/algae, they are seldom target specific. They kill and harm other non target organisms.
I kill weeds, but I do not want to kill endangered crayfish for example.
They sell percarbonate(think Oxy clean) for algae control and it does not hurt plants for ponds etc. It makes H202 once added to water.
I tried killing weeds with it at 2x the rec max level, did not hurt sponge plant(Limnobium spongia ssp lavigatum) at all. It's a general biocide also(so is bleach and most strong oxidizers).
Spot treatment with a turkey baster for BBA seems about it's best use.
Copper is quite good, I'm not sure why more do not try that that are enamored with algae killers.
I just grow the plants and therefore have little algae issues.
This also occurs in the natural lakes that have good plant growth. Gin clear water.
Tom Barr

>There has been much speculation that peroxide destroys algae. I have not 
>done any specific experiments to see if this is the case. Anyone?
>The theory is that algal cells do not have peroxidase to protect them 
>from oxygen radicals. That means they get destroyed while animal and 
>plant tissue are not.
>Jerry Baker

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