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Re: [APD] CO2 diffusor for large tanks

Tom Barr  writes:
" For larger tanks, they make 6x1" diffuser stones for about 60$ than can  be 
used set along the bottom back gravel layer so they will not be seen.  
wwww.aquaticeco.com sells them if interested. "
Tom, is that 6" x 1"? could you give a product name/manufacturor?  for a 135 
gal tank would i use one or a series? or?
i went to the website but could not find one that matched the dimensions  and 
The 135g tank is now running one ot the Eheim diffusors ( heavy fish  load, 
discus, heavily planted, 50% WC 2x wk bi weekly ferts CF's 3wpg,approx, on  
timers 12 hr/day) and i think i could improve plant health and eliminate a pesky  
filament algae problem if i had a better CO2 saturation. My smaller tanks  
(75,72,36,29) seem to do fine with the Eheims.
thanks for your help.
rich green
milton ma

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