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[APD] Aponogeton ulvaceus plant query

I recently added 3 Aponogeton ulvaceus (Compact aponogeton) plant to my 
18" high freshwater tank and after a few weeks they are growing nicely.

The thing is, they are now growing leaves (including stems) of 24" and I 
was informed via a plant book and the suppliers web site that it grows 
14-16 inches tops.

The substrate does have a fertiliser and the plants are next to my CO2 
bubbler. I've 2x40" T8 tubes on my 4' tank. One is Triphos.

Suppliers site:

I'm curious to how long they will get.

Oh and one more thing...
One of the 3 is even growing a flower spike which is now at the water 
edge. Should I allow this to flower or should I cut it off?

I heard that some plants you need to do this to keep the plant from 
going dormant?

Stuart Halliday
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