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[APD] Low light and Barr-ometric pressure

(snip)just my 0.02. you know i used think Tom hated me over at APC. But I
realized after talking with some people, that I just wasnt used to the
way Tom talks in  type. I really doubt he was trying to belittle anyone.
even in the midst of a discussion on verying popular methods of
fertilization, where Tom was getting outright attacked I've never seen
him actually try to belittle anyone. In fact he actually encouraged some
of them not to give up on it who were having trouble. i'm just saying
that its easy to take something in type the wrong way because theres no
inflection.(snip)Agreed. I've been on this list for about 8 years and have
never seen Tom purposely belittle anyone. He is always civil and always
helpful. I took the little physicists comment as just a humorous aside to
qualify all those interested in par, lumens, etc.Rule 62: Don't take
yourself so darn seriously.Dave

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