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Re: [APD] light and the w/gal rule

You can puts lots of light 5, 6, 7, 8 wpg. I know of folks
that have gone way out there and pulled it off. But I
wouldn't recommend it for most aquatic gardeners.


--- urville <urville at peoplepc_com> wrote:

> well, i guess in my reasoning it would be the following.
> My 
> understanding is that 30 ppm co2 is about the ceiling
> where it does any 
> good. at least as far as research has gone. and that
> we've got the 
> fertilizing to where we can fine tune it. so lets see how
> much light we 
> can give them before it stops mattering. not everyone
> wants this but i 
> wouldnt mind pruning several tanks daily. making cuttings
> etc. if they 
> would grow that fast. especially hard to get plants. and
> then distribute 
> them for shipping or locally at clubs. to be honest i
> have the tank 
> disease like most everyone, but i'm at a point where i
> still want my 
> tanks, but i'd like to farm to be honest, and other than
> that i guess i 
> just want to know. hehehe, for knowing. i cant seem to
> muster any better 
> explanation than that.
> ian
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