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Re: [APD] The lighter side of Light.

I too have had little succes with glosso at lower light
levels but others have pulled it off.


--- David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net> wrote:

> All this talk of par and micromoles and lumens and etc
> etc etc. What does
> the hobbyist who doesn't know/care about all the
> scientific analysis do?
> Here's my experience. I want enough light to grow the
> plants I want to grow.
> Any more is a waste. My tanks are about average in depth:
> your typical
> rectangular 75 or 120 gallon. I have CO2 injection and
> prefer light loving
> plants. My best barometer for "enough light" in my system
> is glossostigma
> elantoides. Enough light for me is when the glosso grows
> steadily and stays
> low to the substrate. If I get this type growth, then
> there is no high light
> plant I cannot grow.
> This translates into about 3 watts per gallon of net tank
> volume of either
> compact flourescent or metal halide light. Net tank
> volume for me means the
> actual water column in the tank, not including the
> substrate. I have an
> Oceanic 30 gallon cube that has a net volume of about 25
> gallons. It is lit
> by a 2 x 36 watt 6700K AH Supply CF retro kit with their
> reflector, or about
> 3 watts per gallon. Glossostigma, Downoi, and Taiwan Moss
> grow like crazy in
> this setup.
> I just set up a 120 gallon with 2 x 175 watt 6500K Halide
> bulbs with
> reflector, or with a net volume of about 100 gallons,
> about 3.5 watts per
> gallon. this is the closest I could get given my
> equipment, but I have the
> fixture much higher than the CF fixture on the 30 gallon.
> The glosso is
> spreading like wildfire in this tank as well.
> I have never had success with glosso at less than 3 WPG.
> If I only wanted
> swords or anubias or crypts, then I would use 2 WPG.
> Regards,
> Dave
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