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Re: [APD] light

Jerry, I think the data you have shown is pretty good.
The PAR values on a 55 gal tank run about 50-55 micro moles on average for an AH + 6700K bulb. You predicted 66. LCP for low light plants like Hydrilla are around 12-20.
How many folks will have the max PAR of 500-600?
It would take many 55w lights to do that. 
So we are a long way off from hitting a max lighting level.
But we are non limited with CO2/nutrients..........over a broad range of light intensities.
Reef folks deal with that by cramming as many 400W MH's as they can cool and fit in their hoods often. 
I think the correlation looks good in your graph(eg useful).
I'm still skeptical of the practical use of this, but for folks that are more interested in lighting, this seems like a fun avenue to try out.
Many folks own cameras and they often have light meters and the f stop can correspond well to light measurement. So that might be a way folks could measure the light to some degree with that method. 
Tom Barr

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