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[APD] 25g tank with algea

i just set up a 25g tank about 4wks ago. im having problems with algea, at 
first it was brown algea covering everything, so i changed lights from some 
cheap compact flourescent lamps that were very yellow to daylight spectrum 
lamps, this got rid of all the brown algea in a couple days and the plants 
grew really good even with no co2 my cabomba was pearling,
i havent changed anything except my gf was looking after the tank and she 
said she dosed ferts right but forgot to feed the fish and now my tank is 
growing green algea all over everything and in one spot i keep getting 
blue/green algea but only in that small spot and i vacume it out all day,
im using Ei method of dosing and i dont test phosphate or nitrate,
ammonia 0
Ph 6.8
KH 60ppm
i dose 3 ml of ppmd 2tbs dry mixed into 600ml water same as i use in my 5g 
tank just a bit more each day, i tried lowering to 2 drops but that didnt 
change anything so i went back to 3, i figure i must have too much ferts to 
get blue green,
can anyone help me clear up my tank,
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